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The Feng Shui Way to Buy a New House

When you know enough Feng Shui information to be slightly dangerous, you can bet that you will want to use it when you seek out your next home.  You will most likely also become your realtor’s “Most Annoying Client Ever” as well.  See, realtors are all about pointing out all the good things a house has to offer.  It’s their job.  If you are one of those people who knows what to avoid from a Feng Shui standpoint, the fact of the matter is that they are not gonna be able downplay certain major Feng Shui faux pas such as a front door that faces the back door!

On the other hand, you may be in the dubious position of knowing more about this topic than your realtor, and that can be a good thing.  Why?!  It can be a good thing because that becomes the first item on your list of things to do.  It is your job to educate your realtor.  Unfortunately, unless you have had a professional Feng Shui consultation at some point in your life, or have read numerous books on this topic, you may not know all the things to avoid, but you do know at least a few of the biggies.  So, what are the biggies?

Feng Shui Land Shapes to Avoid
  • Educate your Realtor about Feng Shui by knowing what you don’t want. In relationship terms, these are the “Deal Breakers”.
  • You don’t want be able to walk in through the front door and keep walking out the back door.
  • You don’t want a set of steep (waterfall) stairs to be the first thing that lines up to the front or back door either.
  • You don’t want the land of the backyard to slope down and away.
  • You don’t want your backyard to be diamond-shaped.
  • You don’t want a covered patio. ~ I know you think you want this, but trust me, you don’t.  Instead, look for a wooden deck.
  • You don’t want a bathroom or set of stairs smack dab in the center of the house.
  • You don’t want a big chunk missing from the back of the house  – at all. (In case you are wondering, a covered patio has the same energy as a missing chunk, especially if its roofline attaches to the main roofline of the house.)
  • And one final thing to get you started on your search for Utopian homeowner’s bliss, you don’t want your house to be on the receiving end of any street.

This is by no means a complete list, but it will be a great way to keep you out of some of the most common Feng Shui house-buying mistakes that exist.  If you are interested in learning more about Feng Shui, you can sign up to have this blog delivered into your inbox each month, or you can find us on Facebook and like our Feng Shui Design Concepts page.  We are also linked to Twitter so if that is your preferred way to receive FREE Feng Shui information, find us there at FSDCbyLogynn.  If all else fails, go to our website at