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Feng Shui and The Law of Reflection

“Earth is an amazing place of learning where you are constantly being given an opportunity to look at yourself in a mirror  . . . Every single person and situation in your life is a mirror of an aspect of you.” ~ Diana Cooper  –  A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws

Based on the above mentioned quote, it is safe to say that we can easily apply this concept of mirrors to developing a deeper understanding of our homes.  This is what I love about Feng Shui.  It shows you where your “life” mirrors are hiding within your home.  When you apply the Feng Shui bagua to the layout of your home, you have a map.  You are here, your bedroom is there, etc.  When you walk around your home with this map in your hand or in your head, you can apply the Law of Reflection to all that you see.  Is there a certain place in your home that is always untidy and messy?  Is there a place where you have a leaking faucet and have never gotten around to fixing it?  All of these things are clues!!

In Feng Shui, we pay special attention to the 5 elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth.  According to Diana Cooper, Water reflects your emotions or your spirituality.  So in the above example of a leaking faucet, you can use your Feng Shui bagua to pinpoint which area of your life is bringing up some issues around your emotions or your spirituality.  Fascinating isn’t it?

When you do a Feng Shui cure or solution, and some sort of water leak occurs shortly afterward, it is very likely that you have ‘hit a nerve’ so to speak, within your home and shifted something that was very deep within your psychological makeup.  As annoying as this can be as you replace all the things that got drenched in the deluge, it is also a good thing!  Feng Shui is all about making room for the wonderful life that you have always dreamed about.  Very often though, we have to be willing to let go of a lot of our past history and our past beliefs in order to achieve that ideal.  Using Feng Shui in this way, as a reflective mirror to shift yourself, allows the wonderful life that is your Divine right, to be within reach!