Monthly Archives: July 2012

Letting Go of the Past with Feng Shui

When I was little, I loved the idea of writing in a diary.  As I grew up, I decided to call it my journal, but I still treated it like the best friend that would keep all my secrets.  Flash forward 20 years, and my journaling habit has resulted in a tote full of very heavy memories.  As far as storing and moving said tote, I had them in the area of my home that I felt best represented their significance to me.  ~ they were in a place relating to my creative childhood and my wisdom.

Every few years, I plow through this tote searching for insights.  This year, as in yesterday, I had a big AHA moment about this box.  As I read through them, I realized that I was holding on to more negative memories than good ones.  All the failed relationships and every minute detail ad nauseum!  So, I did the only thing any practical Feng Shui girl would do.  I dragged out my shredder and practiced letting go!  As I release all those old memories and fears, the hurts and the heartbreaks, I make room for all the good that the Universe is waiting for me to allow into my life.  When you decide to make some similar gesture, whether it is cleaning out your closet or your junk drawers, you can chant the Six True Words of Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum and light a candle or some other symbolic ritual for you that marks the end of all that garbage.  And then, let go!  As you  focus on your desired life outcomes and keep them surrounded in Light, you will be amazed at the results!!