Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Elephant in the Room

I have a client who has hired me many times over the years as the energy has cleared and shifted in her home.   When she hired me the first time, her husband had recently lost his job.  During the past 8 years, he has landed some really amazing jobs and even started his own business for a short time.  Unfortunately, he has also lost each and every great job after a year or sometimes less.  The most recent time was last week, so my client called me for a remote consultation.  I knew that there had to be what I would call a Feng Shui “splinter” somewhere in her home that we had overlooked.  I consider a “splinter” in Feng Shui to be something that is highlighting a Pattern of Behavior or a Life Pattern and shows up in one or multiple areas of a home.

Since the area in question related to Career, I suggested that we look at this area as a whole and in each and every room.  We looked at the career section of her bedroom, office, guest room and discovered no problems with the elements or colors or items that were placed there.  In relation to the front door, the Career section of any home is Front and Center.  In her area, there is a fireplace.  She had already compensated for this “drama-inducing” fire element by hanging a mirror above the fireplace.  However, the more we talked about the fireplace, I knew that we had found the splinter.

Years earlier, she had painted it a charcoal gray, a color that she didn’t like at the time, but which had been given to her by her Mother.  She said that the fireplace was clean, but that it was a source of frustration for her because it had taken 8 months to get her husband to clean out the ashes after he used it once in January.  After a few color suggestions that were in line with the use of the elements in a creative cycle, she went paint shopping.  The results are amazing!!  We laughed later when we realized that not only was the “elephant” in her room right there all along, but it was even the color of an elephant!