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What Feng Shui Isn’t – by Logynn B. Northrhip

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy attempting to help people understand what Feng Shui is all about.  Today, I am going to take some time to clarify what it isn’t.  In my experience, there are two types of people interested in Feng Shui.  There are the ones who are curious and open-minded about change, and there are the people who see it as a last-ditch effort to “fix” all the problems in their life.  Today, this blog is dedicated to those people in group number two.

Everything around us is energy.  I am no physics genius but this much I do know, and based on this, everything is susceptible to change. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that everything that is f*cked up in your life can be 100% fixed by using Feng Shui, but it will definitely change in some way, shape or form.  How it changes is dependent on each person.

For example, making changes to the areas of your home that relate to finances and abundance doesn’t mean that you will win the next lottery.  What may change however, is your understanding of how you spend the money that you earn.  Likewise, using Feng Shui adjustments  may not cause you to meet the man or woman of your dreams, but it might help you understand why you have chosen certain types of relationships in the past, and give you opportunities to make better choices.  Some people go through their life moving from one bad relationship to another.  Feng Shui can tell you why you have this pattern.

Many people think that they are you are ready for a new relationship, but they don’t realize that some aspect of their home may be sending the Universe a different message.   For example, I once had a client who insisted that she was ready to start dating again.  However, several rooms in her home had items that were inconsistent with this statement.  For starters, the  structural shape of her home created a missing area in relationships.  Also, her furniture was not inviting for two people.  Just remember, a soft, cushy love seat in the relationship area is always more inviting that a single, wooden chair.  Even the artwork on her walls was sending a subtle message that she was not aligned with her intention.  The thing about life that is true for all of us is that once we know something, we cannot UN-know it.  We can either make changes based on what we now know, or we can ignore what we know, and live the rest of our life feeling victimized and powerless.

I have only touched on two of the areas of our homes that are included within the grid of Feng Shui.  There are a total of nine! When a person is ready to make deep changes, they will adjust their surroundings in such a way that makes it possible for them to make their own wishes a reality.  That is empowering and that is all that Feng Shui is capable of doing.  Feng Shui creates awareness. The rest is up to you.