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Why Didn’t Feng Shui Keep Me From Getting Divorced??

“You live in a world of energy. You experience and are affected by the energy around you all the time.” ~ Sanaya Roman, Soul Love

The question posed in the title above is one that I was asked recently  from a returning client, and I thought it might have some universal applications, so I am sharing it.  The client in question, invited me into her home a few years ago for a personalized Feng Shui consultation.  She had several correctable issues involving money and relationships.  At the time of her consultation, she and her husband had made several bad investment decisions, and she had discovered that he had been unfaithful to her.  Her home at that time, was an accurate mirror for the events that were occurring in her life.  A sample of these were visible in the missing areas in relationships and wealth, and other symbols of energy drains that were built in via the placement of the master bathroom and the stove/back door.

Over the next several months, she started making the changes that I had recommended.  With each one that she completed, she began to feel happier and more empowered about her life.  With each adjustment to the energy of the space of their home, the house began to reflect balance in relationships and balance in finances.  While things improved financially, the relationship did not. As the house’s energy shifted and became whole and complete, the house no longer matched the deep-seated energy of the couple’s relationship.

As we are energetically drawn to the energy of our homes, we come to understand that each place we live has gifts for us.  They are gifts of growth, awareness, and of change, but only  if we are willing to accept them.  As the energy of the house shifted, one of two things had to happen.  Either, the relationship would shift up to match the energy of the house, or it would shift out because it no longer matched the energetic frequency of the house.  In this client’s case, the result was divorce.  She sold the house, moved into a home that matched her new energy around relationships and money, and eventually found a partner whose energy matched hers.  Today, they continue to shift, and grow using Feng Shui to help them do it.