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The Feng Shui Yoga Connection

I’ve been consulting in Feng Shui for almost 20 years and I’ve been a registered and actively teaching yoga instructor for over 11 years, so when I say that Feng Shui and Yoga are yin and yang to one another, it might be worth considering.  Let’s break it down.  Feng Shui tracks the energy and flow of chi or life-force energy within and without a space.  Yoga guides and promotes the flow of prana in the body.  Prana is basically, just another word for chi.  So, Feng Shui is like yoga for your home, and yoga is like Feng Shui for your body.  See what I did there.

I’ve been afraid to write about yoga for years because I know there are so many people out there who are way more knowledgeable about it than I.  However, the one thing I know for sure is that yoga, just like Feng Shui, is something that we all need.  I can’t imagine what my life would look and feel like if I hadn’t found both of these healing tools and used them to create a grace and flow in my life that wasn’t present before.  It is my desire to find a way to combine both of these paths to flow and balance and share them with the world.

If you are already a fan of yoga, then you don’t need me to tell you how much better your body feels after an hour of sending prana and intention into the tight areas between your shoulders or into your hips and getting rooted and grounded in your body.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that a home that has had its chi adjusted would feel just as good?  Of course it does.  It’s the only logical conclusion.

If you are already a fan of Feng Shui, you know how good it feels when you walk into a home or business that uses this practical tool to ignite change.  Trust me, if your house could do yoga, it totally would!  Maybe when it is in balance, that is exactly what it is doing.

Feng Shui is a balance of logic and emotion.  Yoga is a balance of breath and flow.  They are like cosmic twins separated at birth and they belong together.  They are mirrors of one another, and we all deserve to know them, understand them and invite them into our lives.


How To Remove a Toxic Roommate

If you are living in Boulder, CO, you are all too aware of the fact that living in this beautiful city comes with a hefty price tag.  For that reason, it is almost common place to discover that a vast majority of people here have at least one, if not four roommates.  I’d like to tell you that this is because they are CU or Naropa students, but this is not the case.

When my son moved back to Texas, I suddenly found myself with the enviable opportunity of a spare bedroom and bathroom.  When I found a roommate a few months ago, I naively allowed him and his energetic, un-neutered Alaskan Husky to move in with my nine year old, zen-like Golden Retriever and two cats.  He had assured me that his dog was a virtual angel and would be peacefully content in his kennel while he was at work.  He failed to mention that he worked 10-12 hour days and frequently went out of town without making care arrangements for his dog.

During his first weekend in my home, he went to Denver on Friday night to party with friends and did not return until Sunday afternoon.  He was unreachable via text or phone and I had not thought to get emergency contact information.  I truly thought that he might be dead in a ditch somewhere, so when he finally returned late Sunday afternoon, his unapologetic and entitled demeanor did not bode well with me.  I am a true animal lover and it pains me to see any animal being treated poorly, much less under my own roof, so naturally, I fed, walked and entertained his dog while he was away.  Although it was the only humane option, it just enabled and emboldened my new roommate to do it again the following weekend.

Long story short, he and his dog are moving out at the end of the month, and I am using this as a teachable experience to share with my readers. It is my sincerest hope that you never find yourself in the position of needing to remove a toxic person/roommate from under your roof, or your life, but if you do, here is a Feng Shui and Space Clearing Checklist to kick them and their negative energy to the curb:

  1.  Is your roommate’s room behind the center line of the home?  If it is, it may be a bit more difficult to dislodge them because any person/room that is behind the center line of the house is in what we call a “commanding position”.  They will try to take over and become the master of the house, even if you are also in a room that is commanding.
  2. Start to sage the shit out of your home – like every single day.  In a prior issue, I spoke at length about the correct way to do this, so feel free to scan though my old blogs and apprise yourself of the details of this process. I wrote about the proper way to sage a space in my blog from November 2018.
  3. In addition, using the Violet Flame technique that I wrote about in October 2018 is a deeply powerful technique.  You may wish to do it daily or many times throughout the day.
  4. In my use of Feng Shui, I am not content to do just one solution when there are so many.  Employing the use of sound is another way to clear a space of negative energy.  If you have a Tibetan Prayer Bowl or some other chime or bell, empower it to create a sound frequency that heals the space in all directions of time and space; past, present and future.   Intention is everything, so using it with love is preferable.
  5. And finally, Chinese firecrackers have many uses in Feng Shui.  I got mine years ago during a trip to Professor Lin Yun’s temple in Berkeley, CA and I always have them over my front door frame for extra protection.  Placing them above your roommate’s door frame with the proper intention of helping them to relocate to a home that is a better match for their energy could also be an effective option.

Now, let’s loop back to the possibility that your spare bedroom (aka roommate) is in a room behind the center line of your home and is being a bit stubborn about leaving.  You may have heard that mirrors are the “aspirin” of Feng Shui and this is very true in this example.  Listen up because this is a freebie!  Ideally, you will place a mirror on the wall directly opposite the room in question with the intention of pulling that room to the front of the center line of the house.  Use the 3 secrets reinforcement here for maximum success.

Any bedroom that is in front of the home’s center line, will create an energy that draws its inhabitants out of the house.  This often shows up as a job that involves a lot of travel or will cause them to meet someone so that they are often sleeping elsewhere.  By using a mirror to “energetically” move stubborn roommate energy out of a commanding area to a less commanding position, aka, in front of the center line of the house, will get you the results you want.

Once you get them out, I highly recommend using the epsom salt and isopropyl alcohol solution that I have written about in a prior blog as well.  (Scroll back to June 2016 for this blog). Sometimes, solutions require an unpublished or site-specific solution, so if you try all of this and are still struggling with a disrespectful roommate or can still feel their toxic energy lingering in your space well after they have left, it might be time to cut some etheric cords or something even more extreme.  Energy is real even when it is invisible, so just know that how you feel when you come home will be noticeable better when any toxic roommate energy is removed completely.

Finally, I’d like to address any concerns you may have about getting a person’s permission to do this type of this work.  As I said earlier, intention is always important, and you do not need their permission to clear your space of their toxic energy.  When a roommate situation goes south, it’s likely that both parties are mutually desiring the same outcome.  However, it is not always easy to find a new place to move at a moment’s notice so until the lease ends or they find a new person to annoy with their presence, keep your energy clean and detached and let them go with love.  Do all of the above as often as necessary until they are gone and you have the opportunity to draw in a roommate that is more suitable.

A personalized consultation of your home is always more powerful than just attempting a cure you read about in a book or a blog.  I have 20 years experience doing this, and I can tell you much more about your space in person. Let me help you.