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Feng Shui Your Haircut

As strange as it sounds, using Feng Shui to schedule your next haircut is almost as good as finding a fantastic stylist that you love and trust. A few months ago, I got my haircut using the information on Lillian Too’s website for choosing the best day to cut hair and it was truly the best haircut I’ve had in a year. Since I am growing out my hair, I don’t get it cut very often, so after four months, it was that time again. To my surprise, my stylist had an opening the same week that I called, and it fit my schedule perfectly. The thing that I neglected to do was to double-check that date on the Best Days website.

After my hair was cut and styled, something seemed off. Normally, I love the results because I really like my stylist. This time though, I looked at it and said, “I don’t like it”. I was almost as shocked that those words came out of my mouth as my stylists. She did her best to tame the bangs I hadn’t wanted, but they weren’t cooperating. She had cut it totally different than I had told her I wanted it. Basically, she questioned me halfway through, and so I just gave in and let her do what she wanted. It’s been two weeks and it’s finally grown out enough to style the way I like.

This all got me thinking and I realized that I had missed the important step of choosing an auspicious haircut day. Out of curiosity, I pulled up the website and scrolled to the section titled, “Good and Bad Days to Cut Hair.” When I looked at the date of my appointment on the calendar, I was not surprised to see the words BAD in bold type. In order to further test my theory, I messaged a friend who recently got a fresh cut from her longtime stylist and had also been disenchanted with the results. I looked up the date of her appointment and saw that she too had chosen a BAD date for that cut.

I don’t believe in coincidences, so I figured that there had to be some truth to this information; but to be certain, I took my little experiment one step further. I looked back to the last haircut that I loved and guess what? It was a GOOD day according to the Good Days calendar. Maybe she was just having a bad day or I was, but either way, I highly recommend you give it a look the next time you schedule a haircut. In the end, I decided to break up with my stylist and now that I found a new one that I trust, but I still schedule my appointments on “Good Days to Cut Hair.”

I would love to hear from your about your experience using this information. If you know someone who would be interested to know about haircuts and Feng Shui, feel free to share this post!