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The Feng Shui Changes You Will See WHEN You Believe!

There are those who practice Feng Shui from a scientific perspective, however, I am not one of them.  For me, Feng Shui has always been faith-based.  That may sound strange since we usually associate ‘faith’ with religion.  Yet, in my life, Feng Shui shifted into a transformative process when I let go of the belief that I had to see it in order to believe it, and instead followed the philosophy that “you’ll see it when you believe it”. (Wayne W. Dyer)   I am a natural skeptic, and analytical to the core, but on the flip side, when I tap into my intuition, go with my gut and trust that I am doing what my creator intended, I interpret my world in a whole new way.

When I first discovered Feng Shui, some of the claims were so outlandish that I felt I needed to prove them to myself in order to believe them.  My house became my own personal guinea pig.  In order to benefit fully from this ancient system intricately woven into the fabric of life, I had to open myself up to trust and faith, two concepts that were not welcomed in my mid-20’s.  I was recently married and a new homeowner when I first discovered Feng Shui.  I came home from my first week-long Feng Shui intensive and started to put all that I had learned into practice.

The house we lived in was on three acres and the previous owners had added on a partial sunroom to the back of the house.  With my newly-learned knowledge about Feng Shui, I discovered that this was not ideal.  I also discovered that the shape of the three acres was not complete and that the place of its incompletion was in what is considered the money section of the bagua.  Little by little, I discovered tiny flaws, but luckily, I also knew that most Feng Shui issues can be adjusted.  How? Well, over the years, I have come to view Feng Shui as a mathematical equation. When the equation is incomplete, you have to add or subtract something from it.  In Feng Shui, the elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal are the variables that are used to balance the Feng Shui equation.

In the end, no amount of Feng Shui could save my marriage, but what a blessing that was!  The changes that have occurred as a result of that process have made me into a person that I really love.  As I created balance in my home, the people in the house who were not in alignment with those changes had to either adjust and shift up or stay the same and shift out.  That is what happened, and that is why from one perspective, it might appear that Feng Shui did not “work” for me, but in reality, it did.

The art of Feng Shui is one that typically brings subtle changes, along with a new awareness of the things that we value and believe.  It is not a quick fix by any means.  It is a life-long process that shifts you toward your authentic self.  While it is rarely going to create sweeping dramatic changes, it can put you on a path that you never saw possible for yourself.  It can bring awareness to the source of your greatest challenges in your career, your health, your finances and your relationships.  Awareness in itself can be somewhat unsettling because once you know something, you can not Un-Know it, no matter how hard you try.   You can ignore it, but you can’t stop knowing it.  However, if you view the process of Feng Shui as a way that the God of your understanding has chosen to communicate with you, then you might be able to see it as a way to increase your faith in your Self and in a Higher Power.


Converting a Feng Shui Skeptic in 5 Easy Steps

In order to understand how to convert a Feng Shui skeptic, it is a good idea to create a definition for them.  A Feng Shui skeptic is someone who approaches life from a very analytical perspective.  They come from the school of “I need to see it before I believe it”.  If life events improve as a result of making changes that are related to Feng Shui, they will usually call it a coincidence rather than proof that it works.  If by some chance they do endeavor to practice Feng Shui, it will be on one gigantic condition . . . that they be provided with statistics, guarantees and a specific timeline as to how it will help and by what deadline they can expect these benefits.  One may wonder why anyone who is such a skeptic would even participate in a curiosity of this thing called Feng Shui, and I can say from experience that it tends to be because someone they love, be it a spouse, lover or friend, wants them to understand, participate, or at least not undermine, their use of it.

Now that we have  a basic definition, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and see what it takes to convert them, and if that is even necessary.  One reason that it can be difficult for people with analytical minds to grasp the subtitles of Feng Shui is because it is a system of things that are seen AND unseen.  The very words Feng and Shui translate to mean Wind and Water.  We can see water.  We can also feel it.  It is something tangible, and real.  However, wind is intangible.  It is something that has to be felt more than seen.  We can see the destruction of too much wind, as in the case of hurricanes and tornadoes, but we can’t actually SEE wind.  We can’t taste wind, or call it a certain color.  It slips right through your fingers if you try to catch it.  At best, the Feng Shui aspect of wind can only be guided or directed.

The qualities of Feng Shui that appeal to a skeptic involve the aspects of it that can be seen.  Here is a physical action that you can take.  They don’t really even need to know that the action has the potential to effect the non-physical energy pattern of something.  As long as we remember that everything is energy vibrating at different speeds, this scientific connection to Feng Shui makes sense to them.  Converting a skeptic for good is only possible if it doesn’t bump up against any of their other beliefs.   Fortunately, if the scientific connection doesn’t work, there is always the common sense approach.

Converting a Skeptic in 5 Easy Steps

1. Go for the common sense approach ~ “Hey Honey, I’d like to take the closet door off the hinges in the bathroom because it keeps banging into the other door and it is pissing me off!” ~ Now the logical person will tell you to just close the closet door after you use it so that it doesn’t bang into the other door, but logic and real life don’t always match.

2. Common sense approach part 2 ~ “I’m going all gangsta tonight and choosing a chair at the restaurant so that I can see my enemies before they try to off me.”  ~ In Feng Shui we call this being in command position, but they don’t need to know that.  Be ‘like a boss’.  Put your back against the wall and there will be no unexpected surprises!

3. Common sense approach part 3~ “Red sheets on the bed make me horny.” ~ Enough said.

4. When you are talking to them about Feng Shui, don’t use the words Feng Shui. Instead, appeal to their understanding, or lack thereof, of physics.  “Everything is energy so why not shift or guide the energy in this room to make it feel better?”

5. And finally, don’t try to convert them.  They may have some very strong beliefs and life experiences that prevent them from being able to see Feng Shui as a tool that assists life.  They may think that you are replacing your faith in a Higher Power for a faith in Feng Shui.  By being in your life, your Feng Shui skeptic is most likely creating a balance in you that helps to anchor all that unseen, Chinesey stuff with a sense of grounding that you need.  Perhaps you are helping them to open up to some esoteric ideas and concepts that their Soul is seeking as well.

The ultimate goal of life is to live it to the fullest.  Feng Shui is a tool that helps empower us with knowledge and action, trust and faith.  If you are traveling down a road that has led you to investigate the concepts of Feng Shui, it is likely that a part of your Higher Self and your own Higher Power is gently pushing you in that direction.  Everything in life happens for a reason.  When you trust that you are always being guided to discover the tools that are for your highest good, there is nothing to fear.