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Fighting Foreclosure with Feng Shui

“All things are vibrating energy fields in ceaseless motion” – Eckhart Tolle

In recent years, foreclosure has become more commonplace then ever before. Foreclosure is everywhere and probably coming to a neighborhood near you. There is one thing that foreclosures often have in common; they are in a state of disgrace. If they have been empty for long, they usually look dilapidated. When families are forced out of a home, it is not uncommon for them to destroy the property in retaliation.  Foreclosed homes that stay empty too long, have a tendency to lower the property value of homes around them by virtue of their poor energy.

Ideally, an investor looking for a sweet deal will swoop in, pay cash, give it a makeover, and sell it for a fat profit.  In fact, entire cable programs have grown up around this concept.  There is just one problem with this scenario.  If the structural problems and predecessor energy that contributed to the home’s demise are not addressed, there is a strong probability that the new owners will have the same or similar issues.

If the problem with a foreclosed home was simply ugly carpet or paint, then replacing those items would eliminate the pattern.  However, ugly carpet does not in and of itself cause foreclosure.  In order to understand structural foreclosure causes, we must look to some of the age-old Feng Shui rules for an explanation and creative solutions.

I am going to share a few Feng Shui design flaws that may contribute to a home’s  potential to an unstable financial flow.  Our homes are a mirror to our lives, so when one begins to deteriorate, it is probable that the other will follow.

  1. The front door aligns perfectly with a back door – While this design is not enough to create foreclosure all by itself, it does often lead to money coming in and going out too quickly.  Ideally, energy enters a home, meanders around and nourishes its surroundings.  However, with this design, there is no meandering, thus, there is very little energy retainage.  Now, let’s replace the word “energy” with money.  They are synonymous.
  2. The front door opens up to a set of stairs – There are many variables that impact this design with the main one being the distance between the stairs and the door.  The closer the stairs are to the door, the worse it is.  The type of stairs also matters.  Stairs that have a landing, can cause less issues than the kind that cascade straight down.
  3. A bathroom is located in one of the commanding areas – If you are familiar with a Feng Shui bagua, then you know that the commanding areas of any home are typically in the back of the house.  These areas correspond with the bagua sections of Abundance, Fame and Relationships.

The nice thing about Feng Shui is that by working with the elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, as well as the colors and shapes that represent these elements, we can nullify negative architectural designs.  By learning to rehabilitate homes that have been devastated by the ignorance of improper home design, and using the tools we have been given within the system of Feng Shui, we can create homes that are healed.  As we heal our homes, we heal ourselves, and we create a planet that allows all life to thrive and prosper.

If you know someone that is facing foreclosure, share this article with them.  I’d love to help them prevent that potential outcome.  I can be reached at fengshuidesignconcepts@gmail.com, logynnbnorthrhip@gmail.com or at 512-496-9232.


A Feng Shui Focus – The Top 5 Contributors to Foreclosure

Here’s an absolute truth about Foreclosed homes; most of them are not Feng-Schwayically sound.  What does this mean?  I’ve looked at a lot of houses over the years, and while poor Feng Shui design is not always why a home goes to foreclosure, when you know what to look for, foreclosed homes host a higher number of the ‘usual suspects’ that tend to drain money out of a home, than homes that do not have them.  Because a home can have as many “prosperity” areas as it does separate rooms, there are many places to look for these financial energy drains.

Without exception, every foreclosed house that I have ever “inspected” has more than its share of financial energy drains.  In the photo below, there is something about the dead trees & overgrown grass that add to the desolation of this foreclosure, but there is something more significant that could be a cause.  The one thing that every house requires is a Mouth of Chi.  Look closely.  Do you see one? Well, there is a mouth of chi, but it is very much hidden, and not in one of the usual three areas in the front of the house.  It is located on the far left, about halfway in the middle of the house.  When chi has to work this hard to enter the house, its going to be weaker than usual.

1. A hidden or blocked mouth of chi is one of the top 5 contributors to possible foreclosures.


2. Unfortunate placement of a door, the stove, or both!  In the example below, the kitchen is in the back of the house, along with the back door.  This particular door has a piece of wood covering the doggy door, but it is the placement of the stove in line with the door that is a bigger problem.  As we know, the stove represents our abundance, and our potential to increase it.  Placing it in this type of location is like placing a stack of cash in front of a large vacuum.  It just gets sucked out!

Stove aligned with back door

3.  Missing areas that never get used is the third in the top five contributor list.  When you have a house that is not a perfectly square, which includes most houses, you are bound to find what we call in Feng Shui a missing area.  Basically, the space that is considered missing, is not underneath the roofline of the house, and almost looks as if it were a piece cut out of the whole.  What you do with your missing area, is what truly matters.  If you incorporate it into a beautiful garden design or create a relaxing sitting area with it, then that missing area becomes a part of the whole, and feels complete, regardless of the home’s design.

4. The back left of the house (in relation to your front door) represents the main area that corresponds to your finances.  If that happens to be where your master bathroom is placed, then you will have to use a combination of the proper elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, in order to balance out the overwhelming water and draining energy that is present in this room.

5. If the shape of your lot is incomplete in the area that corresponds to wealth and accumulation, then you will need to use the Method of Minor Additions to balance it.  This method changes with the house, and can be as creative or as dull a correction as you would like to use.

The bottom line here is that one or two of the above listed characteristics is more of a nuisance that can easily be overcome by using Feng Shui knowledge of color, elements and other placement techniques to create wholeness and balanced.  When a house has all of these and a few that aren’t listed, there is a high probability that money goes out faster than it comes in, and the probability of foreclosure is likely.

Ideally, all future homes would be built based on principles of Feng Shui that align specific rooms with the life areas that match them.  For example, build so that the children’s rooms are located in the part of the home’s bagua that relates to Children/Creativity.  Let the master bedroom be located in the Relationship area of the house, etc.  A home that doesn’t need a Feng Shui correction would be so amazing.  The homeowners would have balance in between their work and the relationships, good health, enough money, happy and creative children and great friends and family all around them.

When you consider that your home is most likely your biggest investment, it makes sense to use all available resources to protect it from foreclosure.  Just imagine how much the property values might increase if none of the homes in your neighborhood looked like the ones posted above!  For every imbalance that is created when Feng Shui wisdom is ignored, there is a corresponding and highly effective solution that you can implement to correct it.

You’ve probably been to someone’s house that just made you feel really relaxed and happy.  You can’t really figure out what it is about their house, but you feel good when you are there.   It may have been really fancy, or it may have been small and cozy.  Either way, it was inviting, and the time you spent there was enjoyable.  That is really what Feng Shui is all about.  It isn’t some arbitrary way of forcing you to see the world or all the rooms in your house.   It’s about enjoying the spaces where you spend your time, living a full and happy life and never settling for less than you want or deserve.

If you would like to learn more about learning all the Feng Shui secrets that will make your home and your life more balanced, contact Logynn at fungschwaygirl@yahoo.com.  Plans are in the works for a Practitioners Course in Austin in 2014!

Can Foreclosed Homes Be “Healed” with Feng Shui?

I am ready to make that heavy duty commitment called home ownership, and so I have begun my search for the home that is just right for me and my family.  After many years as a die-hard renter, this is a BIG step for me.  The thing is, I am a Feng Shui consultant and I basically know too much about what can go wrong in a house design to be easily swayed into a purchase that isn’t balanced and whole.  I cannot buy a house that has a front door that is directly opposite to the back door because I know what this can do to a family’s finances!  I cannot gloss over the little things because I know that they have the potential to become big things if left unchecked.

This past weekend, I drove around a few of the neighborhoods that seem to have a complimentary energy to what I want.  I saw one home that caught my eye, and as I went to investigate (yes, I did go into the backyard uninvited).  The sign in the yard had a realtor’s information listed with the words, “Coming Soon” like it was some new movie being advertised.  When I called, I discovered that the house had recently undergone Foreclosure, but that it wasn’t on the market yet because the bank had not yet decided on a sale price.

Without having the benefit of walking through the inside of the home, I couldn’t know if there were inside design factors that had led to the home’s demise into Foreclosure hell.  From my outside perspective, I could see that there were no big missing areas in the back of the house, so that meant that the prosperity, fame and relationship areas of the home were intact.  This is important.  These are the commanding areas for all of us.  When these are diminished, you notice it immediately in your every day life.

Once I knew it was a Foreclosure, I started to look more closely at the clues that were available to me.  I noticed that the fence line backed up to a major toll road freeway with cars zinging by at warp speed.  I noticed that the land sloped down to the left in some crucial areas of the a backyard lot that involve the knowledge, family and wealth areas.   In addition, there was a pretty large transformer pole that had some ominous height and power to it.

Disregarding all of this, I wondered to myself if it is truly possible to heal this house.  When I see foreclosed homes, I am reminded of an energy that follows along the lines of abuse, like the home has been beaten into submission by its surroundings.  This home did not have that energy, but it did have some support flaws in the land.  Coming from a place of complete and total Feng Shui arrogance, I wondered if I could use all of my knowledge and skills to make it right.  I have not done any research as to the number of foreclosed homes that have been resold and gone back to Foreclosure, but my feeling is that it isn’t just the people in the home and their financials that cause a home to foreclose.  I feel that there is a strong connection between the design, the shape of the land and many other factors that are based in Feng Shui teachings that contribute to Foreclosure when ignored.

As I surveyed the backyard, I knew exactly what I would do to correct the problems that I had observed, and I knew that if I were to live there, they would have to be corrected before I could call it my own.  It just got me to thinking, can Foreclosed homes be healed with Feng Shui?  I say that they can, but do the banks give a darn about healing their investments that have tanked?  Logically, you would think so, but history has not shown this to be the case.  If healing the symptoms of a Foreclosed home could raise its value and sale price, could shift the energy of the neighborhood up and raise the overall value for all homeowners in that area, and could eliminate negative cash flow to banks, then why not do it?  Excellent question, yes?!

The reason that many people buy and flip homes like these is so that they can make a high profit with a low investment.  Most of the people I know who do this, are lucky to sell it minus their own sweat, hard work and labor for a few thousand above what they invested.  However, if you buy a home valued at $150,000 for a foreclosure sale price of 100,000, I can guarantee that you can make some Feng Shui adjustments for a few thousand, if that, and bump that home back into its $150,000 value bracket or higher.  I’m no mathmagician, but that seems like a pretty good return on your investment.  Yes, it is a gamble, but that is what makes it interesting!