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Using the Violet Flame with Feng Shui

In last month’s blog, I discussed an energy clearing technique called The Triple Grid, and I mentioned that my next blog would focus on something called the Violet Flame.  I am writing today to fulfill my promise.  If you regularly follow this blog, you are most likely aware of Feng Shui, and by that rational, you have an awareness of that which is invisible yet tangible.  What a dichotomy!  How can something be invisible and tangible?

There is one thing that I know every person has felt but never seen and that is the wind.  Wind itself is invisible, but we feel it right?  We see the damage that it can do when it is too forceful, but we don’t actually see wind.  Ahh, but what about tornados?  Aren’t they a visual example of wind?  Are we actually seeing wind or are we seeing the debris that is caught in the wind?  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the actual translation of the words Feng and Shui are Wind and Water, two things in this world that are both seen and unseen, or tangible and intangible.  Pretty cool isn’t it?  I think it is cool, but then again, I am a Feng Shui nerd!

Now, let’s get back to the Violet Flame.  According to Troika Saint Germaine, the Violet Flame is a Divine Gift and tool that can be used by anyone, and was given to us by Ascended Master Saint Germaine. It is Spiritual Alchemy in action, and it is worth more than all the gold in the world.  What is Spiritual Alchemy?  The word alchemy is defined as the “the transformation of matter”. (Merrium-Webster), so it stands to reason that Spiritual Alchemy will have a transformative effect on our spiritual selves.  This is not to be confused with religion.

As humans, we are composed of four spiritual bodies, including the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies, or P=EMS. (I made that up so I could remember the order of the bodies!). When we connect to our Higher Self and we ask that the Violet Flame transmutes and transforms all limiting thoughts, habits, & beliefs from all of our bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual, we are doing some heavy duty etheric house cleaning, only the house in this instance is our body.  If you want to go a little further, add in the phrase, “in all dimensions, time and space; past, present and future.”  That should take care of any lingering negativity.

While I do not have copyright permissions to use anything from the linked site below, I can include the link in this blog so that you may benefit from the gifts within it.  It is by far one of the very best and most accurate sources on the topic of the Violet Flame that I have ever stumbled upon, and if you follow this link, you will not be disappointed by what you discover.

Another thing that I read today is that  “Energy is never lost nor can it be “deleted”, however, it can be CHANGED into a higher frequency.” (  I feel like I’ve always known that energy cannot be deleted, but I’ve never thought of it in those terms.  The word delete is such a modern term.  Before the advent of computers, I don’t think that we would have used the word delete as frequently as we do now.

Now, since this is a blog about Feng Shui, and Feng Shui is all about energy, it makes perfect sense to apply this wisdom that we use to clear our body of negative energy, and use it in our homes and offices as well.  If we apply this concept of changing energy to a higher frequency as it relates to the concepts of Feng Shui and the invisible and visible within our homes and our workplaces, the potential for change is outstanding!

Take a moment when you can be undisturbed by loud neighbors or purring kitties, close your eyes and quiet your mind.  Speaking out loud, ask that the Violet Flame descend into your home.  Let its light permeate every molecule of space in, through and around your entire home.  Ask that the energy be transformed and transmuted, cleaned and cleared of all limiting thoughts, habits and beliefs, from all predecessor energy, in all dimensions, time and space; past, present and future . . . You know the drill, especially if you have already practiced what you learned by following the links above.

This is powerful and sacred work that we are doing on ourselves and on our surroundings, but let’s take it one final step further.  What if we started sending this Violet Flame to the places that need it most?  Can you think of a certain house in the United States that needs the alchemy of change to flourish?  I’ll give you a hint.  It is big, and white and it is also called the White House.  What if one by one, we started visualizing the Violet Flame at work in the White House or in Congress?  Holy cow!  Instead of spinning our wheels bitching at one another about politics, we can use the alchemy of the Violet Flame to alter the energy.  I can’t think of a place that needs a Feng Shui adjustment more than the White House.  Talk about predecessor energy!

I am including one other resource for information about the power of the Violet Flame below.  It’s author, Marius, is an artist who creates beautiful artwork of spiritual beings and spiritual symbols.  Many years ago, I ordered a small, 5×7 photo of his Violet Flame artwork and it has helped me to mentally focus and train my brain to “see” the flame in my mind’s eye.

I would also like to add that a few years ago, I was teaching a meditation class at Apple computers in Austin, TX and one of the participants in that class later created his own interpretation of the Violet Flame and gave it to me as a gift.  It is the featured image in this post and one that I cherish to this day.  When we surround ourselves with beautiful energy, beautiful light and the ancient healing gifts of this work and the power of Feng Shui, we create an anchor for more goodness to follow.

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